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Director of Undergraduate Studies: Lisa Kereszi

Yale College, the undergraduate division of Yale University, offers a Bachelor of Arts degree program with a major in art. Undergraduate applicants wishing to major in art at Yale must apply to Yale College directly. Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, PO Box 208234, 38 Hillhouse Avenue, New Haven CT 06520-8234, 203.432.9300 (www.yale.edu).

The program in art offers courses that, through work in a variety of media, provide an experience in the visual arts as part of a liberal education as well as preparation for graduate study and professional work. Courses at the 100 level stress the fundamental aspects of visual formulation and articulation. Courses numbered 200 through 499 offer increasingly intensive study leading to greater specialization in one or more of the visual disciplines such as graphic design, painting/printmaking, photography, and sculpture.

The prerequisites for acceptance into the major are a Sophomore Review, which is an evaluation of work from studio courses taken at Yale School of Art, and five terms of introductory (100-level) courses. Four must be completed at the time of the Sophomore Review. Visual Thinking (Art 111a or b) and Basic Drawing (Art 114a or b) are mandatory. In exceptional cases, arrangements for a special review during the junior year may be made with the director of undergraduate studies in art.

For graduation as an art major, a total of fourteen 14 course credits in the major field is required. These fourteen course credits must include the following: (1) five prerequisite courses at the 100 level (including Visual Thinking and Basic Drawing); (2) five 200-level and above courses; (3) the Junior Major Seminar (Art 395a) or Critical Theory in the Studio (Art 201b); (4) the Senior Project (Art 495b); and (5) two courses in the History of Art. Suggested program guidelines and specific requirements for the various areas of concentration are available from the director of undergraduate studies. A suggested program guideline is as follows:

Freshman year Studio courses, two terms Sophomore year Studio courses, three terms Art history, one term Junior year Studio courses, three terms including the Junior Major Seminar and/or Critical Theory Art history, one term Senior year Studio courses, four terms including the Senior Project

Undergraduate studio courses open to students in Yale College

Art 001a Studies in Visual Biography

Art 002b Paper

Art 111a or b Visual Thinking

Art 114a or b, Basic Drawing

Art 116b Color

Art 120a Introductory Sculpture: Working with Wood

Art 121b Introductory Sculpture: Working with Metal

Art 122a Mold Making and Casting

Art 130a or b Painting Basics

Art 132a or b Introductory Graphic Design

Art 136a or b Introductory B&W Photography

Art 138a or b Introductory Digital Photography

Art 141a and 142b The Language of Film Workshop

Art 145a or b Introduction to Digital Video

Art 201b Critical Theory in the Studio

Art 210a and 211b Sculpture as Object

Art 223a and 224b Figure Drawing

Art 230a and 231b Introductory Painting

Art 237a Intermediate Analog Photography

Art 243a Letterform Design

Art 245a Digital Drawing

Art 264a Typography I

Art 265b Typography II

Art 330a and 331b Painting Studio I

Art 338a Intermediate Digital Photography

Art 341a or b Intermediate Fiction Film Workshop

Art 342b, Intermediate Documentary Film Workshop

Art 345b Intermediate Sculpture

Art 355b Silkscreen Printing

Art 356a Printmaking

Art 359b Lithography

Art 367a and 368b Intermediate Graphic Design

Art 379b Photographic Techniques

Art 395a Junior Seminar

Art 401b Advanced Photography Project Seminar

Art 430a and 431b Painting Studio II

Art 442 Advanced Fiction Film Workshop

Art 445b Advanced Sculpture

Art 468a and 469b Advanced Graphic Design

Art 471a and 472b Individual Projects

Art 495b Senior Project

Permission of instructor required in all art courses.

A student may repeat an art course with the permission of the director of undergraduate studies.

Graduate courses may be elected by advanced undergraduate art majors who have completed all undergraduate courses in a particular area of study and who have permission of the director of undergraduate studies as well as the course instructor.

Undergraduates are normally limited to credit for four terms of graduate- or professional-level courses (courses numbered 500 and above). Please refer to the section on Academic Regulations in Yale College Programs of Study for further pertinent details.

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Undergraduate studio courses are numbered 100 – 499 and can be found here.

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Students in this major will:

· Develop an understanding of the visual arts through a studio-based curriculum

· Apply fundamentals of art across a variety of media and disciplines

· Relate the practice of making art to the fields of art history and theory

· Gain a high level of mastery of at least one artistic discipline

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Please do not pre-register for studio art courses in which the permission of the instructor is required. Students MUST attend the very first class meeting, in most cases, to be considered for admission to a given class, as art courses are often over-subscribed, especially at the introductory level. Space is limited, and faculty make selections based on individual criteria after course cards are filled out.

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Please contact the Office of the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Art at art.dus@yale.edu or (203)432-2600 to arrange in advance for an informative student-led tour of the art school at regular business hours during the school year. We will not be able to accommodate every request, but will make every effort to do so when you visit campus, with ample notice. We apologize, but faculty will not necessarily be able to meet with prospective students. Catalog available upon request, or downloadable as a PDF below. More questions? Visit: http://admissions.yale.edu/supplementary#art

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Yale College, the undergraduate division of Yale University, offers a Bachelor of Arts degree program with a major in art. Undergraduate applicants wishing to major in art at Yale must apply to Yale College directly. Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, PO Box 208234, 38 Hillhouse Avenue, New Haven CT 06520-8234, 203.432.9300 (www.yale.edu). Please direct all inquiries and questions to the Admissions office directly, not to the art school.

You should think carefully before submitting supplementary materials with your Yale College application. Most successful applicants submit only the items that we require. There are cases in which too many submissions, or submissions that do not reflect a high level of talent, can actually work against a candidate. Because the Admissions Committee gives greatest weight to the documents required of all applicants, we recommend that you focus your energy primarily on those elements of the application. Supplementary submissions may make sense for students with substantial and well-developed talent that cannot be conveyed adequately in the rest of the application. Due to the large number of applications that Yale College receives, we cannot evaluate all supplementary materials. Admissions officers and faculty members will be selective in choosing which submissions to review. We will accept audio recordings, musical scores, art samples, writing samples, scientific research papers, film, and links to personal websites. We do not encourage you to submit additional letters of recommendation, resumes, or personal essays; these are less likely to shed helpful new light on your application. How to Submit Supplementary Materials If you are going to submit supplementary materials, please check the appropriate box on the Yale Supplement to the Common Application, Section VI, titled “Supplementary Materials.” Supplementary materials other than art or music or film may be attached to the Common Application as Additional Information or mailed to our office, clearly labeled with your full legal name as it appears on your admissions application, your date of birth, the name and state or country of your high school, and the subject of the materials. Please see the sections below for more specific information about submitting art, music, academic work, and web supplements. While we cannot accept videotapes or DVDs of performances, applicants may include a link to a website or brief YouTube video in the space indicated on the Yale Supplement to the Common Application. In all cases, applicants should review the specific instructions below to ensure that materials submitted are appropriate. Supplementary Materials – Art If you wish to submit images of your artwork as a supplement to your application, you may do so online by the appropriate application deadline (November 1 for Single-Choice Early Action candidates; December 31 for Regular Decision candidates; March 1 for transfer candidates). School of Art faculty members will review selected portfolios from advanced visual artists, whether or not they wish to major in art as undergraduates. Please consider sending visual art materials only if your accomplishments are truly outstanding for a high school artist, and if your work is a strong and important part of your application. Submissions that demonstrate an average or merely competent level of ability for a high school artist will not help your application. For complete information, please visit: http://admissions.yale.edu/supplementary#art

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2015 Undergraduate Art at Yale Catalog


Undergraduate art students may apply for funding to help pay for an art exhibition made outside of coursework. Information available here: http://creativeandperformingarts.commons.yale.edu

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Download Free PDF of “Practice”. The Yale Undergraduate 2013 Catalogue

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is currently directing and producing an audio play and theatrical sound installation called EARSHOT. Yale Art Major 2014-ers Becky Aston (web designer) and Zach Bell (writer) are also involved.

We’ve just released our Kickstarter campaign. You can check out the project, see behind the scenes footage, and listen to some clips from the show on our video.


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Please visit http://ucs.yalecollege.yale.edu/content/artindustry for more info on arts-related opportunities via Yale’s Career Services office, which has opened a new dept. geared specifically towards the arts. Info geared specifically to the visual and fine arts can be found here: http://ucs.yalecollege.yale.edu/content/fine-and-visual-arts For a current listing of study abroad opportunities for art students, visit: https://cie.yale.edu/index.cfm?Program_Type_ID=O&Program_Name=art&pt=%7F&pi=%7F&pc=%7F&pr=%7F&FuseAction=Programs.SearchResults&SimpleSearch=1 There is also a notebook in room 122 of Green Hall that contains a wealth of information on MFA programs, artist residencies and more.

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Download PDF Instructions

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